Custom Menu Item: "Install when" broken?

Discussion created by everyman on Sep 22, 2015
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A custom menu item should appear only when the "Install when:" condition is met.  In the example file there are two fields: "name" and "toggle".  When "toggle" is set to 1, the menu item (un-toggle) should be installed; otherwise, the menu should be empty.


Test Environment:

FMP 13 and FMP 14, OS X 10.9.



The menu item does not appear even if the condition is met unless the menu is re-installed.  Once the item appears, it remains in the menu even if the condition is no longer true unless the menu is re-installed.

If toggle is set interactively (checkbox on the layout) the menu item does not appear or disappear as expected, but only after some other intervening event.  See the example file for this and other anomalous behavior.


The condition is not tested unless something forces the menu to be re-installed.  "Refresh Window" with flush caches checked was not sufficient.  Clicking in another (non-FIleMaker) window and then bringing FileMaker to the foreground again will trigger the menu install.



"On Record Load" trigger to install the custom menu.



Is this the expected/accepted behavior?  I'd have thought that simply installing the custom menu once (say, at file open or layout entry) would be enough.