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Portal Problem

Question asked by DamianWhite on Sep 22, 2015
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I have a related database consisting of two tables, Specimen and Experiment, as detailed in the image below.



In the Specimen table, S_ID is a field of automatically entered serial numbers.  I then use these values to link records through to the Experiment table, and use E_ID as a field of automatically entered serial numbers in that table.


So, in the Specimen table, Donor 164 has given three specimens, with S_ID values of 62, 63 and 274.


In the Experiment table, this first two specimens has been split into two replicates each, giving 5 records in total for the one donor: two pairs sharing the same S_ID, but all five with a unique E_ID.


What I'd like to accomplish is set up a portal in the Specimen table to show all records from the current donor, irrespective of which S_ID record I'm viewing.  Thus, if I'm looking at S_ID 62 within my Specimen table, I'd like a portal that shows all 5 records for PN164 in my Experiment Table.  However when I try to do this, I end up with a portal that only shows the related records for that S_ID number ... so when I'm viewing S_ID 62, I only see E_ID 139-140 ... and when I'm viewing S_ID63, I only see E_ID 141-142.


Is there any way to set up or configure a portal such that when I'm viewing either S_ID 62, 63 or 274 in my Specimen table, I see all five related records (i.e. 139-142 and 479) via Donor ID PN164?