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    Mulitple find / omit using radio buttons


      I have created an Asbestos Register for use on a large site that has 50+ buildings. Each building contains multiple areas that have been tested for Asbestos Containing Materials. Each tested area is documented, scored and photographed.



      The database is to be used by our Engineers so that prior to carrying out any work in an area, they can check the register to ensure that they can disturb the fabric of the building without putting themselves at undue risk.



      As the site is slowly being reduced in footprint, some buildings are being removed, but obviously the record of each building needs to remain for regulatory purposes.



      The register should be viewable in one of 3 ways:

      1. Individual buildings (Through Find)

      2. In it's entirety (Show All)

      3. With the demolished buildings removed (This is the bit i can't work out)



      I have tried numerous different methods but am struggling to find an easy method to filter out some or all of the demolished buildings.



      Ideally, i would like to use Radio Buttons but really don't know what i am doing.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          I'm assuming you have a radio already for "is this building demolished?" yes/no.


          All you have to do is find for where a building is NOT demolished.


          A script on a button that filters your found set would be easiest:

          Enter Find Mode [no pause]

          Set Field [ table::isItDemolished ; "yes" ]

          Omit Record

          Perform Find

          you can do additional stuff as needed, but that's the basics of it.

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            That was one of the ideas i had toyed with but the problem i have is that some of the buildings have 30+ items on the register so the user would have to go into each of the records in each of the buildings and select if they do or don't want to view them.


            What i have done at the moment is an additional table with all of the 50 or so buildings in it and a toggle switch of sorts for demolished / in use. But now i am struggling to build a relationship between the 2 tables.


            I'll see if i can post an example file of what i have done to try and explain better.

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              An example might be good. Like I said, since you have to have SOMETHING stored that tells you if a building is demolished or not, you SHOULD be able to perform a find based on that field's value to return only buildings still standing.

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                This should not be too hard. I understand exactly what you are doing as I used to have an ASB license and did abatement regularly.


                Large site with 50+ buildings.


                Abatement is done by secitons or rooms in a building and this is logged in your database.


                Some of the buildings have been demolished completely. I am assuming this is done after abatement. Either way, once they are gone there is no need to actively see them in the solution that runs for active hazardous areas.


                You need a table for buildings and a table for rooms/sections that need abatement. They should be related through a building_key field. At some point someone signs off on the demolition. At that time a field should be set in the buildings table as "demolished".


                If the tables are related you can use the building demolition field on your room/sector layout and easily perform a find.


                For connecting the tables you need a key field in each. By convention you will want a field fk_building_id in the building table and pk_building_id in the sector/room table. Connect them in the relationship graph with an =. fk_building_id should be some sort of auto enter or stored calculation field using Get (UUID) or serial numbers. If you already have the things setup a calc field with Get (UUID) may be the easier way.


                You could easily do a solution with a blueprint and shaded red and green sections for visual reference. You could save that as a PDF and email it to the foremen on the site as it is updated or provide a link to the most recent update online. Not sure if everyone will be using a device on site. Lots of ways you can do this and have it be user friendly.


                Hope this helps.