Mulitple find / omit using radio buttons

Discussion created by djwhite on Sep 22, 2015
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I have created an Asbestos Register for use on a large site that has 50+ buildings. Each building contains multiple areas that have been tested for Asbestos Containing Materials. Each tested area is documented, scored and photographed.



The database is to be used by our Engineers so that prior to carrying out any work in an area, they can check the register to ensure that they can disturb the fabric of the building without putting themselves at undue risk.



As the site is slowly being reduced in footprint, some buildings are being removed, but obviously the record of each building needs to remain for regulatory purposes.



The register should be viewable in one of 3 ways:

1. Individual buildings (Through Find)

2. In it's entirety (Show All)

3. With the demolished buildings removed (This is the bit i can't work out)



I have tried numerous different methods but am struggling to find an easy method to filter out some or all of the demolished buildings.



Ideally, i would like to use Radio Buttons but really don't know what i am doing.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.