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FileMaker 14 and Microsoft Outlook 15.14 Attachements

Question asked by rmeier on Sep 22, 2015

Hi all


I tried to send Mail with Attachement on Filemaker 14v02 Script-step on Mac OSX 10.10 over Microsoft Outlook 15.14.

That doesn't work. It works well with Apple Mail but not with Outlook.

The Scriptstep failed with Error Code 3 and i found errors in the Console Log like:

22/09/15 17:01:01.226 sandboxd[371]: ([568]) Microsoft Outloo(568) deny file-read-xattr /Users/rmeier/Documents/mailing_Pro.pdf


i tried this with different locations ( Desktop / Documents / TemporaryPath )..


Outlook generate the E-Mail in the DRAFT Folder without any Attachment.


Is there any work around?


Cheers Rico