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    File/Manage/Database hangs system


      Everything is working fine in the solution, except that I need to add a field to one of the tables in the solution.

      File/Manage/Database  hangs the system causing me to 'Force Quit' the application (same result in Windows 7).

      File/Manage the other options works fine.

      I have gone through 'File/Recover' and the recovered file gives the same result.

      Other files/solutions do not experience the problem.

      I'm using FMPA 13.

      Any suggestions?

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          Is this solution hosted on FileMaker Server?

          Is this a multi-file solution, where it has references to other files embedded on the Relationships Graph?

          Have you checked the Manage > External Data Sources dialog to ensure other references are correct / still present?


          Generally, a "hang" in the Manage Database dialog is a result of either file corruption or a missing / broken / malformed file reference. Be especially wary of anything that has a "*" in the file path, as FileMaker will happily (unhappily?) search the entire network looking for the file.

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            Thanks for the pointer to the External Data Sources.


            This is a 'client' solution that works independently of the 'host', only needing periodic 'uploads' and 'downloads'. The 'host' needs to be open to modify the database and even though I had it open, the system was still hanging.


            I looked at the External Data Sources and discovered that my network had reassigned the ip address for the 'host'. As soon as I corrected that, all is good.


            Thanks for waking me up!

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              TomPingel wrote:

              Thanks for the pointer to the External Data Sources.


              Thanks for waking me up!


              So maybe you should give Mike the credit for the wake-up call, and the correct answer … ?!

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                Sorry - first post and didn't understand the protocol. Thought correcting the ip address was the correct answer.


                'Credit' has been reversed.