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Hosted database visible to FMP/A 12 is unavailable to FMP/A 14

Question asked by Devon Braun on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by Devon Braun

Just started using FMP/A 14 to connect to FMS 14.

Also using FMP/A 12 to connect to the same server.


FMA 12 via Open Remote steps go as follows:

- From window "Open Remote File" select server

- Results in a popup window: "View Databases Hosted By Filemaker Server" allows for a User ID & Password, which takes any values or can be cancelled, all the same.

- Select database from list and log on with normal credentials.  All works fine.


FMA 14 via Open Remote:

- From window "Launch Center" select server

- Results in popup window:  "View Databases Hosted By Filemaker Server".  Any and credentials entered result in a "No files currently hosted in..." message.

- No databases to choose from


In both cases we're connecting to the same FMS host, same database, same credentials.  Only difference is the client FMP version.


So, two questions:

- I'm not familiar with what the "View Databases Hosted By Filemaker Server" step.  Does that relate to Administrator Groups?

- What would cause databases accessible to FMP 12 to not be available to FMP 14?