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How to highlight a button when a work queue contains records

Question asked by wendy on Sep 23, 2015
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Hello all. We have work queues, but also have users forgetting to check a certain queue, and/or users forgetting to alert coworkers that something has been added to a work queue. I hope I just need someone to start me off in the right direction--or tell me if this isn't possible.



- We have records in our database that contain information about artwork being done.

- A User#1 can ask a coworker (User#2) to inspect (proofread) their artwork. User#1 makes this request by changing a Status text box field to Inspect, and entering User#2's name in an Inspector text box field. (Choosing from drop-down lists.)

- On each of four key layouts, we have an INSPECT button any User (User#2) can click to see if there is work waiting for them (to inspect). The button goes to a "Find My Inspection Work" script.

  • This script merely uses a restored Find to find records with the Status of Inspect. It then inserts the Current User Name (User#2) into the Inspector field, and performs the Find. (Unfortunately, at this time we don't have individual logins, but we do have each user's name in Filemaker/Preferences/User Name.)

- If records are found, it simply changes User#2's found set. If no records are found, a "No art to inspect" message pops up. (Unfortunately, it then loses the existing found set; I want to fix that also sooner or later., but it's not as crucial.)

- Right now, User#1 is supposed to email #2 that #2 needs to inspect something. Either #1 forgets, or #2 doesn't check their email soon enough, or #2 reads the email and then forgets. And #1 forgets that they have work-in-process in someone's Inspect queue. Etc. The Inspect task is usually intermittent, so users don't check that queue unless alerted.


Hoping for:

Is there a way to have the INSPECT button change color (e.g. bright red) for User#2 when User#1 changes a record status to Inspect and inserts User#2's name into the Inspector field?

- Ideal would be that the button "light" turns on for User#2 without any action on his part, but I don't know if this is even doable.

- Acceptable would be having the "light" turn on when User#2 moves to the layout with the button, or changes his found set, or does any other such action.  (I'd also wondered if I could have the button invisible for #2 unless there is work, but that might have additional complications.)


Can someone provide initial direction?


We're using Filemaker 13.0v4. We have Filemaker Server with about 30 users on both Mac and PC platforms. No mobile. I do OK with calculations, but am weaker on understanding how to use relationships. Haven't worked at all with things like object visibility. Tried simple conditional formatting.


Thanks in advance to the gurus out there. Hope to get closer to being one...