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    Web Viewer stopped working


      I had 6 tabs, each a web viewer (5 Customs, 1 GoogleMap) and they all worked great.  Then I added a 7th web viewer tab and adjusted the tabs' widths to a minimum number.  I mention this because that's pretty much all I did before they all stopped working.  Now if the little tweaking I did with the viewer box dimensions didn't cause the problem, then what could have done it?


      Actually, maybe something is corrupted because something else has changed as well.  When I try to open my solution using the desktop shortcut I've always used, a blank window opens and I have to select Recently Opened to open it -- something I've never had to do before.


      Then, too, the Inspector seems to have developed a mind of its own -- If I Edit Layout, it doesn't appear as I have it set to do.  Just one click on "View" in the Menu Bar and it suddenly appears.  And when I close Edit Layout, it doesn't disappear!


      Don't know if all these things are related.  Anything to suggest?



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          When FM acts up it is a good idea to restart fm and or reboot the computer.  


          Your database could be corrupt of the shortcut may be point to the database.  In windows you can right click the shortcut and then click property to view the path and program that the shortcut will run.


          You give enough details about your webviewer setup.   Are you using any custom function to display the google maps or do you have a calculation compute the url? 

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            Whew.  I did a cold re-boot of the computer, plus powered down/up my NASD that stores my knowledge base, and that did the trick.

            So simple, and I'm so happy it was nothing more.

            Thanks much for your prompt, and correct solution.