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Web Viewer stopped working

Question asked by gregew on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by gregew

I had 6 tabs, each a web viewer (5 Customs, 1 GoogleMap) and they all worked great.  Then I added a 7th web viewer tab and adjusted the tabs' widths to a minimum number.  I mention this because that's pretty much all I did before they all stopped working.  Now if the little tweaking I did with the viewer box dimensions didn't cause the problem, then what could have done it?


Actually, maybe something is corrupted because something else has changed as well.  When I try to open my solution using the desktop shortcut I've always used, a blank window opens and I have to select Recently Opened to open it -- something I've never had to do before.


Then, too, the Inspector seems to have developed a mind of its own -- If I Edit Layout, it doesn't appear as I have it set to do.  Just one click on "View" in the Menu Bar and it suddenly appears.  And when I close Edit Layout, it doesn't disappear!


Don't know if all these things are related.  Anything to suggest?