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Send Email via client with no dialogue loses HTML formatting

Question asked by dinoapolito on Sep 24, 2015
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I have users entering text into a form which is captured and is subsequently used as the body of an email.


The user has the option via a couple of buttons to either "Send immediately" or "Preview with client".


Both options employ the Send Email script step and are sending the email via the client - NOT SMPT server. The difference is that the former sends without dialogue while the latter has the 'no dialogue' option unchecked and therefore the email opens in the mail client (Thunderbird).


The problem is that sending without dialogue seems to send as plain text whereas the latter respects HTML formatting. For example in the form we may enter


<a href ="">Go to Google</a>


If we send with no dialogue and hence the email is previewed in the client first then we receive a nice Go to Google link without the HTML tags


However if we send without dialogue then we get a plain text email with get <a href ="">Go to Google</a> The link is clickable but naturally looks bad.


I stress both methods are using the Email Client as the send option but with and without dialogue.


Is there a way around this?