Field name completion suggestions in Scripting not friendly

Discussion created by tcmeyers on Sep 24, 2015
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In FileMaker Pro Advanced, when you are typing in a calculation and possible function and field name suggestions display below where you are typing, if the field or table name that you are spelling out consists of more than one word, applying the suggestion by (possibly down or up arrow keying) hitting Enter fills in the desired field or table name, but only the final word of what you typed is replaced. This leaves the words leading up to when you could see your desired field or table still sitting there, needing to be manually deleted... or you get the warning that the field doesn't exist.


In the example video pasted below, I'm trying to enter the relationship name "Flasks by single Source Flask Key", and as I type, it is indeed visibly suggested, but only by the time I've typed "flasks by sin"... and at that point if I select that suggestion, only the "sin" is replaced...


Leaving me with "flasks by Flasks by single Source Flask Key" which is not a valid relationship name.


Hopefully it's possible to correct this, so that the entire typed string leading up to the suggestion is replaced.