Activating a script when you enter the next record (from anywhere).

Discussion created by raykennedy on Sep 24, 2015
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I have been browsing around a bit and couldn't find any already created function to trigger a script upon clicking on to the next record. More accurately not just off a click to next records but upon entering that record regardless of how I got there such as landing on the initial record after a find.


Basically I just want to set a field to a new value basically marking it "viewed". I know there is an on enter layout but that just applies to the layout, right, not when you click a button to go to the next record or if you click the default arrow to go that record. I would also like it triggered when you get to any record at any point. Hope what I am asking makes sense.


This is easy to do when it requires an action within the layout for me or list view such as clicking a button.


There is probably an easy solution here I am overlooking or are unaware of.


Any thoughts?