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Having trouble with functions nested in Sum function.

Question asked by gregew on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by gregew

In the following calculation, I've tried to count (Sum) the number of only those text field entries that begin with an asterisk ("*").  I have six Fields to Sum, but I've simplified the calculation down to two for this posting:


Sum ( (not IsEmpty ( Channel1Num ) and If(Left (Channel1Num ; 1 );"*")); (not IsEmpty ( Channel2Num ) and If(Left (Channel2Num ; 1 );"*")) )


[For these two "Channel" fields, some records have text without leading asterisks, some have text with leading asterisks and some are empty.]


Obviously my syntax is wrong in trying to return a simple count if two conditions are True, so what is the correct way to do this?




[PS: I've also tried a version where the IF function returns a blank ("") if it's False.]