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    FM14 font kerning


      Is there a plug-in which can control the font kerning in Filemaker?  The native 'condense' feature does not really do the job.

      I would pay a lot of money for one (as would a lot of those who do work for very picky design agencies).

      Any advice gratefully received.

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          Not aware of any plugin that is able to modify layout objects. What might be better would be to design a "preview" interface in a web browser that loads and formats your content using CSS.


          CSS has a letter-spacing property to control kerning a bit better.


          The only thing you'll be able to do in native filemaker is select a different font that looks better for you.


          I'd never use filemaker for content publishing, only for content generation/storage. Working with a program like InDesign you can transfer filemaker content over and have tight control over the format.


          Here's an older example of that:

          Automator - Examples

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            Hi Mike,


            Many thanks for your reply.

            I'm not allowed to change the design unfortunately. I am afraid the CSS method is beyond my modest skills.

            I did use Filemaker with X-Data and Quark many years ago so I may well have to buff up on that.


            Thanks again.

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              +1 to Mike


              This is a clear case where you are trying to use FileMaker for something it was not design to do.


              InDesign is a way forward. It supports AppleScript/VBScript and can import XML.


              On the other hand, Quark Express and X-Data are still live and kicking. You might just want to stick to what you know.



              I just looked up emsoftware website and it looks like they are doing a similar plugin for InDesign - InData

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                Hi Nicolai,


                To be fair- FileMaker does make a reasonable fist of it most of the time.  A company I do work for is posting out 10,000 postcards every week with variable fronts and backs - all digitally printed from PDFs created straight out of Filemaker from data supplied as csv from the client.  you never know what you can do with Filemaker till you try!

                I just wish it was a bit more flexible with design tools.


                PS for Mike - EM Software, I could not remember their name - it was a long time ago!


                Many thanks both.