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Filemaker Server 14 WebDirect - Submit button in web-interface?

Question asked by RayGerman on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by mikebeargie

I am upgrading from Filemaker Server 12 to Filemaker Server 14. So, I am going from Filemaker IWP (FMS12)  to Filemaker WebDirect (FMS14)


I imported my database into Filemaker 14 and published it with WebDirect. My layout looks pretty much the same in a web browser but I noticed the tool bar with the submit button is gone.  We always had to hit submit in IWP so the data would get posted to the database.


Does WebDirect not require you to submit after filling in fields?  How does it know when to save/post the data you enter into the database via a web browser?