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"Clicking" a checkbox by a calculation ..

Question asked by disabled_user25789 on Sep 24, 2015
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I have added to a FileMaker 14 form two new fields:

  • Give-away poster (checkbox)
  • Number of posters

I'd like to make the life for the users easy, so I'd like to do the following:

  • If the user sets "Number of posters" to anything bigger than 0, then the checkbox is automatically set. Unset, if the field is set to 0
  • If the user clicks on the "Give-away poster", then the value of "Number of poster" is set 1 (default value). If it is unchecked, then the field "Number of posters" is set automatically to 0

The "Give-away poster" is Text field with a single-value list behind (only value is "Give-away poster"


I tried to do something by adding a calculation to the field, but nothing worked so far.


Many thanks in advance for any suggestions


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