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Need help getting Filemaker to print reliably to the right tray

Question asked by StevieP on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by bigtom

I'm at my wits' end after 5 hours of trying to get Filemaker to print to the right trays and even after all those hours, I haven't even managed to find a single pattern in how Filemaker prints so I could really need some help.



Filemaker Pro 14

Windows 8.1

Xerox Colorqube 8580


The situation is as follows: we bought a new Xerox ColorQube with extra tray. It has a multifunctional tray (tray 1) which we use for invoice paper (pre-printed), a regular internal tray (tray 2) which is for plain paper, and an extra tray (tray 3) for colored paper which we use for printing job orders.


Silly me, I expected printing to be as easy as using a script like this:


Print Setup [Restore; No dialog] <-- select paper, tray, orientation and printer

Print [Restore; No dialog] <-- select printer once more


But, when I do this, it tends to print to the last tray. Not always, mind you. It's like Filemaker is possessed - it's very random and sometimes it does it fine, other times it just seems to pick a random tray. Even if I print with 'Print Setup' dialog (as in, each time Filemaker prints, let the menu pop up letting you pick all the settings before printing), it often will ignore my settings.

The ONLY solution here is to allow Filemaker to show both Print Setup and Printer dialogs but it's a slow and tedious process because even if I print 5x in a row, Filemaker reverts to the default setting which makes this an almost unusable option.


I've tried making separate printers for each tray (= the trays are the default tray for that printer) which works in every other piece of software, but Filemaker straight ignores Windows settings so that's no solution.


I've also tried manually setting each tray to a specific type of paper (colored, plain, pre-printed, etc.) on my printer itself and then using that paper type in Filemaker but this only works half the time. The Print Setup script sometimes remembers it, sometimes it doesn't. it's extremely random.

Also I found that if a second Filemaker prints to the same printer, it messes up Filemaker. Are those settings perhaps shared across all clients?


So my question now is: what am I doing wrong? Is there a trick to get Filemaker to print to the right tray? I'd rather not use Plugins because they're expensive and the ones I tried didn't seem very impressive.