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Help with Portal not showing all related records.

Question asked by FM_DM on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by FM_DM

I am trying to set up a tab with a portal on it for an inventory system I have.  I want this portal to show all other items with the same Set ID as the record I am on.

The information is supplied from two locations firstly a Set ID and purchase order number from the Inventory table. Secondly the Item type and cost is supplied from a separate Items table which is connected to the first by an Item ID.

When I have set up the Portal I have set the following

Firstly to show records from a second occurrence of the table the portal is on. (Inventory 2)

Then a sort by the Inventory ID number( the number record in the inventory table)

It is then filtered by the following  " Inventory 2::_kf_Set_ID = $$SetID"

The field $$SetID is set on tab entry as a copy of the set Id field on the main tab via a script trigger.


This returns all of the items in that Set but only the ones which have the same Item ID number.

I have attached a picture of my relationships graph below to try and explain a little better. (I have also attached images of my layouts if needed)



I am still a massive novice at filemaker and teaching myself as I go along so please forgive me if this is a stupid mistake