Freeze Window doesn't retain content, just background during freeze in FMP 14

Discussion created by tcmeyers on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by tcmeyers

When running a script that contains Freeze Window, then a temporary layout switch (which is not to be seen) the image of the window is not frozen. Instead, during the lengthy process during which it is supposed to be frozen, just the background color of the layout remains.


Note that in the example I'm citing, the background color of the layout that the window has covertly been switched to is not the same, so presumably some level of freezing is occurring. The objects on the layout disappear, though.


The script and Freeze Window works properly under FileMaker Pro 13.x, but has the above-mentioned problem in FileMaker Pro 14.0.2.


Is this a known issue?


Screenshots, video, or sample files can be made available.