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OS X 5.0 Server for 10.10.10 and 10.10.11

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by vince.menanno

The Tech Republic has posted an article about the recent release of OS X 5.0.4 for Apple's OS X Server at Changes in OS X 5.0 that will impact the enterprise - TechRepublic


Many of my clients used to run the server version of OS X in combination with FileMaker Server, but stopped when FileMaker stopped playing well with web services and the  I miss those days for reasons like having Open Directory on the same server for FileMaker authentication. 


It is interesting seeing the latest release from Apple is no longer OS X version dependent and can work on 10.10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.10.11 (El Capitan). 


But the big question to me will be whether this latest update will start to play well with FileMaker Server or not.  It sure would be nice if it would, but I have doubts.  Has anyone played with this latest Server release on a machine with FMS?