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    How to show found data set in separate layout ?




      I'm new to this world of Filemaker Pro 14, so please bare with me


      I have now for a couple of hours tried to figure out how i can do a search/find and present the found data in a list form on a new clean layout.


      I have a table that holds the data and want to filter it on a field to show only the records where there's data entered in this field.


      I would like to have it as a separate layout. When you click a button, you're lead to that layout. That i can do, but showing the filtered data is not working. I tried doing it with a portal, but nothing shows up. And i don't know if that's the best way to do it either ?


      I also tried to set up the layout to display the data from the table in a list view, but nothing is showing up.


      I'm not sure what i'm not doing right here.


      All the best


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          If you have two layout (say one form and one list) based on the same Table Occurrence moving between the two without changing the window should respect the found set.


          What exactly are you trying to do that does not work?

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            As i wrote. I want show a specified data set on a clean layout. As a search/query shows specific records.


            In MS Access it's easy to just make a query and put in on a form, but the way it's done here is very different.


            So how can i show filtered records on a clean form/layout that only shows the wanted records ?

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              Performing a find will isolate the "wanted" records from the unwanted records.

              Finding records

              If you want it to be a repeatable process then either script it or save the find.

              Saving a find request

              How to write a script that finds a range of dates in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker

              Create a "clean" layout (whatever clean means to you).

              Creating a layout

              Perform the Find.

              Go to the "clean" layout.

              or go the the 'clean" layout and perform the find.


              If you want more details provide more specifics on exactly what is not performing as expected.


              Might be as good idea to work through the FileMaker training series as you learn the differences between FM and Access.

              Database Skills, FileMaker Pro Training | FileMaker

              If not the FMTS then the help file is very useful.

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                Whenever you have a set of records and select only a subset of them, you must think forward.


                What will the user do with that subset ? Scroll, print, summarize ? Form follows function.


                Once you decided this, you will probably find the right way of displaying them: portal, list, table view etc.




                If all you want is to display your found records in a list layout after doing a find on a form layout, it's easy: design your list layout first and switch to it after the find. It will gracefully display the records.

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                  Kris, i don't know why we're not coherent, cause there's no rocket science to what i want. I just want a "clean" layout/page or whatever you want to call it. I don't want anything ells showing on that page/layout.


                  There isn't more to it than that. It's a specific part of the records i want to be show on that page/layout.


                  I'm using the Lynda.com FM Pro 14 Essential training, but i still don't understand this.


                  When you i MS Access do a query, isn't there something like it in FMP ?


                  Or is just the "find" or a script ?


                  siplus: The user is not supposed to do anything with the displayed records. It's only to show a list over a specific part of them. Just as a list in the phone book on carpenters

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                    Siplus gives you good advice. Here's a little addendum to it. Near the upper-left corner of your window, when you're in Layout mode, you'll see a pencil icon:


                    Modify Layout.jpeg


                    If you click on it, you'll get the Layout Setup dialog box:


                    Layout Setup.jpeg


                    While I myself am not fond of Table View, it sounds as if you're quite comfortable with it, so you might want to set up your 2nd (list) layout to be displayed that way. (You can check any combination of the 3 options, including, as shown above, just a single one of them.) Of course, once you've created that 2nd layout in Table View, you need to make sure that you've specified the fields you want it to display. This is where you do your "cleaning", putting in only the fields you want, and in the exact order you want them. The Field Picker at the top of the screen in Layout mode is probably the easiest way to do it.

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                      I am assuming you want to create a new window to show your search result?


                      use this script step below:


                      New window

                      Go to layout [Your target layout to show the result]

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                        There's no such thing as a "query" in the FileMaker world. In Access (and your typical SQL system), a "query" has two meanings:


                        1) A SQL statement that defines a request to the database.

                        2) A separate object of derived data that exists in the data space, typically created by (1).


                        Technically, you can create #1 via the ExecuteSQL ( ) function in FileMaker, but the result isn't something you can display on a layout without some other tricks (e.g., the Virtual List). Instead, you have the concept of a Found Set, which is often difficult for new users coming from an Access environment to get their heads around.


                        A found set in FileMaker is created via a series of Find Requests, which are entered in Find mode. When the Find is executed, the records that match the search criteria are displayed in the found set to the user. However, it has no effect on the total number of records in the table, nor on the total number of records available to the user, who can simply select Show All Records and be provided with all the records in the current context (table, or table occurrence, more accurately).

                        So, if you wanted to create a script that locates a set of records and navigates to a different layout for display, you would need to perform these basic steps:

                        1) Enter Find mode

                        2) Define the search criteria using either a saved set of Find criteria or a combination of script steps such as Set Field, New Record / Request, and Omit Record

                        3) Execute the search via the Perform Find script step

                        4) Perform a Go to Layout script step to move the user to the correct layout

                        Note that the layouts must be based on the same table occurrence on the Relationships Graph for this to be successful. You can tell what TO each layout is based on by looking in the toolbar at the top of the screen in Layout mode:

                        Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.35.08 PM.png

                        Let us know if that doesn't make sense.


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                          You might want too think of the relationship graph as a graphical query engine until you completely make the transition from access...with the caveat that FM is all about context!

                          Welcome to the Dark Side.

                          Each layout is based on a single table occurrences (TO) in the relationship graph.

                          Each Layout then has access to the fields (cols) in the TO that it is based on AND any access to any field (cols) in any TO related to it on the relationships graph.

                          You can put any accessible field(col) on a layout that you want.

                          Finds are queries that limit the rows but do not affect the columns returned.

                          Any field(col) that is on the layout from which you find will be returned.


                          TO's also have access to the relationships graph via the calculation engine but ill not go into that here as it might not be of benefit to you... yet....

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                            I'd add only that, if at all possible, you're probably best off doing your Find and your display of the found set of records from the main table occurrence for that table. I myself use the anchor-and-buoy method of designing relationships, so I often have a dozen or more occurrences of some tables, but I almost invariably do my Find operations in the main one.

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                              Thank you for all your replies


                              I'll go look at find and the described way to use it.


                              I know i have to learn some new ways of doing things, so besides the Lynda.com Essential training, i have bought The missing manual too.


                              Now i'll see if i can get this working.

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                                One thing that is missing in FileMaker that you may be thinking of, is the concept of a VIEW. In some other database systems, if you set up a "view" that returns all the Contact records living in state NY, then you get your 734 records. Period. Whereas in FileMaker, you see that you have a found set of 734 records in a total record count of 13,000, and it is always possible to show all or show omitted or otherwise manipulate the found set. (example numbers of course). But anyway - FileMaker does not have SQL Views; though they would be quite useful.

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                                  I found out how to make a "find" script that shows the result on the wanted Layout


                                  Is it possible to put it like a list on a Form, so that it would be possible to ad a button to or switch back to the main Layout again ?


                                  And if, is it also possible to via the Find result to click a specific Record and go to the full Record. What i'm wondering is, that the Find result is only to show a specific set of records (articles written from lectures(406)), showing only a few fields(columns) for a quick overview. Could there then be a way to go back to the full Record on a specific Record ?

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                                    You can configure any number of layouts to include any fields you want. Whenever you switch layouts between two layouts based on the same TO, the current record remains the same, so all your button has to do is switch layouts.


                                    Think of a layout as just a vehicle for displaying the data. It can be like a Form or Report in the Access mindset, but it’s just a display tool.

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