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    Frequent Sript Workspace crashes


      FMPA 14.0.2 64 bit on Windows 8.1, no server.


      I love the new script workspace in FM 14 but I am sick and tired of it crashing frequently. It happens a lot of the time when you are trying to define the parameters for a Perform Script. When it crashes the operating system indicates that the program has stopped working and has to be closed.  Any unsaved work is lost.  Hopefully the file does not get corrupted.

      Anyone else seeing this?.

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          Markus Schneider

          I'on MacOS and there -at least since 14.02- I didn't have crashes. But there are reports that under Windows, the script-workspace still has some issues, although AFAIR not when defining parameters


          files can become corrupt - but it's not that common (it will happen, but FM is very robust). That said, create a copy of Your database files and do a recover using those copies. Problem with recover is, that it will show informational entries in the 'error-column', therefore it's not always helpfull -  under some circumstances (not every reported error is a bad error...)


          I have had a FMGo app that crashed every couple of hours when working with it and I received those kind answers that my file could be corrupt. I did several changes on that file and the crashes did not go away, but happened once in a week instead of several times per day -indicating that something else could be wrong..


          after 14.02 (Go) came out, it never crashed again (knock on wood)

          I developed that solution, means that I worked a lot under FMP Adv 14.01 - and I've had also some rare crashes under Pro (not when working with data, but when developing). After the patch (14.02) came out, I did not have crashes under Pro - this does not mean that 14.02 is rock solid, it's just solid the way I'm using it..


          so, chances are good that it's an issue in FileMaker under windows - and I really hope that one of the TS (tech staff) chimes in here


          there is also a link 'report an issue' on the top right ofn the forums home - so please submit a report as well

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            I have been lucky so far that there has not been any file corruption.


            The crashes usually happen after copying and pasting a perform script step and then trying to modify its parameters.  It just happened to me again 5 minutes ago. I have had it happen consistently in the past when trying to do the same action even after the crashed application was restarted.  The only way to stop the crash is to first save the script after the paste and then edit its options.


            The crash report from Windows is:  "FileMaker Pro Advanced has stopped working".  The only option you have at this point is to close the program.


            I will file a bug report.

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              I didn't see where you posted in the Report an Issue section, so I thought I'd try to help here.


              We do have reports of random crashing in FileMaker Pro 14.0.2 on the Windows Operating System while using the Script Workspace. If you could provide some of the following information for troubleshooting:

              -What is the computer’s resolution currently set to?

              -What is your Windows Magnification set to? (

              -Is the Script Workspace missing buttons or displaying strangely before the crash?

              -Is a Valid License Key or “Volume Licensed” displaying in Help > About FileMaker Pro > Info ?


              Additionally, I will add this post to the report. When I receive any feedback, I will let you know and I look forward to your response.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Markus Schneider

                thank You very much for chiming in! I asked our customers to go for 14 - but I'm somewhat anxious

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                  I'm having these same issues as a Windows user, so I'll answer as well.

                  • Screen resolution is 1680 x 1050 on the main screen I use, but I have two other screens: a USB monitor and the Windows 7 laptop running it all, both of which are 1366 x 768.
                  • No Windows Magnification
                  • Not when it crashes - that usually happens when I am dragging script steps, which I have pretty much given up on doing in favor of Ctrl-up/down or cut/paste. About 75 percent of the time when I drag a script step it drags the wrong one. but I have seen strange Script Workspace behavior on screen, such as when FM is waiting for network congestion to pass and a strange transparent box with a thick black outline will appear over the script steps. It might be the first steps of rendering the field auto-complete list. When this happens, you can move the Script Workspace window around and the text underneath the box will remain in place (told you it was weird), but eventually it all rights itself.
                  • Volume licensed
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                    Hi TSPigeon,


                    Thanks for chiming in.


                    I did not file the report.  After writing my last post above, I decided to double check to see whether in fact I had a corrupted file or not.  I run the Recover command and it found two errors and corrected them.  Since then I have not had the script workspace crash, whereas before I was able to get it to crash consistently by doing the exact same actions.  I therefore stand corrected (and with some egg on my face).  Markus, thanks for pointing me in that direction.


                    Not sure at which point the file got corrupted.  Hopefully it was due to my fault and not to FM14.  My apologies for the wild goose chase.



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                      Marc Wood:


                      Thank you for your response. I will add this information to the report.




                      I’m glad to hear your issues seem to have resolved with a Recovery. If it reoccurs in another file or if you have further information just let me know.



                      FileMaker, Inc.