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Password Vault Solution in Filemaker ... Best way to implement ?

Question asked by binu.alexander on Sep 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by binu.alexander

I am asked by a client to make a password vault  in FM for their  large collections of non-filemaker user names and passwords  for their organization ... They want a custom vault hosted on our own server ( They don't trust commercial password saving applications )


They will use Filemaker Client and Ipad to access the Vault .. They will NOT use Web Direct


I am am aware about  EAR ecryption for filemaker files


My Filemaker Server uses  SSL

I am aware of the password hashing  using functions such as

I am planning to user   user roles / privileges  and strong passwords  for the Full-Access account and give limited access to other members of the team...

But they are concerned about storing plain text passwords


What would be the best way to address the clients concern  ....   Am I  checking the right boxes and Is my approach good in general ? 

Please share your thoughts