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stop the beeping when pressing enter on a number field

Question asked by sunnychu on Sep 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2015 by carlosilvia0

I attempt to make a function on my list view layout and some beeping occurs, the function is below:


When writing on one of the number field, if the user press enter(return), it will commit the data and move to the same number field on the next record.


So naturally I created a OnKeyStroke trigger with a script that detects of the Get(TriggerKeyStroke) is "return" and make it move to the next record. Then I realize everytime I try to press the enter, it will then violate the validation of the number field and thus giving me a beep sound.


Wondering if anyone knows a way to stop the beeping? Or some other workaround that does the same thing would be great to know too.


Thanks in advance