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Using App Maker with Server 14 and IOS 9.01

Question asked by hankshrier on Sep 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2015 by hankshrier

Has anyone been able to use App Maker to access Filemaker solutions on FMP server 14 and an iPad with IOS 9.01.  These are the error I receive.  After tapping the Open button shown in error "Open FileMaker Go" and "OK" in the opening files dialogue, the files open and perform as expected.


I did make one code change  in the Table Files and t the field file_subprofile.  I have no experience in HTML, PHP or any other non FileMaker languages.









  If ( Setup::ios_version="iOS 9" ; "<true/>" ; "<false/>" )&¶&

                        "<key>Icon</key>"&¶ &

  "<data>"&¶ &

                        icon_encoded&¶ &

                        "</data>"&¶ &






  "<string>Configures Web Clip</string>"&¶&


  "<string>Web Clip ("&display_name&")</string>"&¶&