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Conditional formatting of button in portal row

Question asked by olesimonsen on Sep 28, 2015
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I have searched the forum for a solution, bus has not yet found the answer to this question.


I have a portal on a layout. Let's call the layout "Teacher". On this layout there is a portal displaying ALL students, through a "X" relationship between TeachersTable and a table occurrence of Student.


In the portal there is a button with a script creating a test for the student and populating a field with the name of the teacher though a set variable and set field action in the script.


What I´m trying to do is to make the "create test" button turn green when a test is created for the related record .


I have used this formula: isvalid (StudentsAll::teacherName) format field color green.


Unfortunately it turns all the buttons for all records green in the portal. Obviously I'm overlooking something here?