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Format table leading summary $ data in table view as zero or 2 decimals?

Question asked by disabled_sulrich on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by bdarch

I have a membership list for a nonprofit with each year's fees and donations in separate fields back to 2011. In table view, I have a leading Total summary properly displaying for each year/category in dollars. But when I add an Average leading summary, some come in as decimal numbers to 15 places (e.g. "29.4230769230769231"). This shows with a dollar sign but is useless without being able to keep it to two decimal places, or even none. In other places, where the significance is difference, I get usable numbers, (e.g., 22.5), but here, too it should be either 23 or 22.50 since it is dollars.


Is there a way to format the leading summary data? I do not want to add new calculating fields; just need a quick way to see totals and averages in current display of selected records.