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Question asked by hopkinsprinting on Sep 28, 2015
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Hi all,


Would someone be willing to take a look at a reasonably simple database I've created in FM Pro 12.5 and help me fix some things I don't understand how to fix?


Some background: the database as I've constructed it contains 2 tables each with a few fields.  The DB has 3 layouts (one for each table) and one containing the actual form employees will see and use.  The form contains 2 drop downs starting with department.  After picking the appropriate department, the second drop down auto-populates only with employees who are in the selected department.  From there, there are some text fields where manual input is entered.  At the bottom is a submit button that when clicked emails the selected drop down information and text fields to the supervisor of the selected department.

It's difficult to explain the issues here and was wondering if someone would be willing to assist me outside of here?

Thanks in advance,