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database relationships with existing data from excel

Question asked by jshimota on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by beverly

Hi - first post so forgive any obvious faux pas.

I am a beginner filemaker user.  I was asked to create a filemaker solution for a simple quote system.  At least I thought!

The product data originated in an excel spreadsheet.  Using a secretary, and with VB Scripts I was able to pull out usable data then created other sheets for importation.

My product table consists of a product and product category and product family.  In addition, some records have embedded 'mods' that the user can lookup in a book.  I want to setup the tables but with imported data, I don't get relationships correctly built.  How can I get help on this and explain it better so an experienced person can say 'click this then that and your good'?  I'm even prepared to hire someone for guidance if thats ok to say. 

Jim Shimota