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    FMGo slow under iOS9

    Markus Schneider

      having a database with about 7000 records, swiping from record to record is much slower than under iOS8.x (the spinning wheel appears)


      but: Using the arrow-keys from the browse tool, browsing from record to record is about the same as under iOS8 - it's just the two finger swipe

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          Markus Schneider

          under iPad.


          it appears that PopOver are slow as well - among other actions. The spinning wheel appears every now and then


          FMGo isn't generally slower under IOS9, IMHO - some tests here resulted in faster processing.


          BUT: Our FMGo App that was running very smooth (after 14.02 came out) is no longer smooth now!! Users don't care if it's iOS9 or FMGo - it's only one thing: TOO SLOW, not smooth


          any answers, tipps&tricks are really appreciated! Is 9.03 faster? I'm on 9.02 at the moment, will go for 9.03 later this weekend (when I'm on WLAN with the iPad)


          btw: On my iPhone 5s, I don't have the impression that it's slower than before, although I'm using other FMGo apps than on the iPad. The iPad is an iPad Air 2 device, 128GM Memory, means the current model...

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            Benjamin Fehr

            I see your typo. Sure you wanted to write "slow as hell"

            Popovers were always slow.

            For slide-elements, I'm using a gotoObject script to bypass the native and also slow transition from one element to next.

            Anyway, I have nothing to compare to your setup: I'm already with iOS 9.1 AND I still use FMP 13 as Host AND don't use FMGo as a stand-alone solution on iOS-Devices (always connected to a FMP-Host).

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              Markus Schneider

              I compared the very same FMGo App under iOS8 before and after the update to iOS9, same device, same environment


              the popover itself does not seem to be the culprit (me too, it's scripted, go to object). Entering data in fields of the popove etc. that's slower than before, but also scripts show more the spinning wheel than before..


              we did realize that 2-finger browsing was slow before we upgraded our main devices to iOS9 - but that's not that critical (even when used a lot). Data entry is the problem.


              I can check for the slow-down-methods and maybe I can re-write some scripts - but hey!! I have corrected scripts after 14.0 came out - dies that mean that we have to rewrite scripts after very change?


              other apps than FMGo seem to be fine, so far.


              hm.. could it be that the 'split screen' slows down - even when not used?

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                I have three users that use ipads and they all complain that FMGO 14 is slow. Did you ever come up with a fix?



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                  Markus Schneider

                  unfortunately, no - it's out of our hands (it's Apple/FileMaker)


                  I disabeled split view in the preferences, helped with the 2-finger-swipe.


                  I built a 'debug-option', a CF that noted times (in ms) between script-steps. Showed that not the scripts make it slow, it's native functions like leaving fields, etc



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                    I am seeing the same slowdown, screen glitches and spinning wheels everywhere.

                    iPad3 and iPad Air 2 display similar faults with the Air2 perhaps a tad quicker.

                    iOS 9.0, 9.01, 9.02 and beta 9.1 are all the same.

                    All iPads run a large multi file solution with a custom theme fully optimised, all layouts are also optimised to minimise the amount of network traffic from the FMS14 host.

                    I have noticed that any print script step where the hide dialogue is enabled causes serious glitches and further diminishes the usability if the iPad.


                    I am starting to see signs that some other script steps where you can disable the dialogue also cause further slowdown and problems if that disable dialogue is enabled.


                    I am patiently waiting for a solution as I'm waiting to roll out a upgrade of our in-house system which is heavily reliant on the new features in FMP14. But I have missed the boat with regard to upgrading about 20 iPads to iOS8 which is the minimum iOS for FMGo14.

                    Everything works fine on iOS8 & FMGo14, this iOS9 brings a whole lot of performance hits and glitches to a product that was very stable prior to the upgrade.

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                      Pretty much everything is slower on iOS9 on my iPhone 6...

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                        Benjamin Fehr

                        is anybody with the iOS developer release?

                        (iOS 9.1 beta5)

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                          Yes the iOS 9.1 beta I am  using is release 5