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FileMaker Forum not migrated

Question asked by AjEGfmTech on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by AjEGfmTech

Hello. I'm sorry I'm late to the changes that have seemingly occurred to - in other words, that it is in the process of being abandoned in favor of That's fine, it will probably be an improved experience. My concern is retaining the posts, comments, favorites and subscriptions I had in the 'old' forum. I found info about to create this FM Community account. The information stated that my account info should automatically have been migrated over. Unfortunately, NONE of it has.


After looking into this some more, I see that I had two separate FileMaker accounts. My first one, where all of the history I'm concerned about is located, never had a username, just an email address. The second account was a required account creation when I signed up for TechNet. I think what might be messing things up is that I used the same email address for the TechNet account as I had for my initial FM Forums account.


When I went to 'reset password' with my email address, the TechNet account is what I ended up in on FM Community. Unfortunately, that account has zero history and info in it. I only used that for creating my TechNet subscription.


How can I get my original FM Forums content added to this FM Community account?


Thanks for your help.