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    turning off the tools menu item




      Does anyone know of a way to turn off the "Tools" menu item from a user using filemaker Pro Advanced or at least a way to disable the debugger and data viewer options?


      Many thanks for any support.



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          Tools is not depend file, user can open debugger and data viewer BEFORE opening any database, so you have no way to disable it.


          If a file that disabling them, it looks like a virus.

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            We go to great lengths to hide everything else and then there sits the TOOLS Menu.


            It would certainly be nice to be able to do this [Disable Access to the Tools Menu] by some method - even a command line parameter when starting FMPA or a complex key sequence like CMD-ALT-SHIFT-T would help. 




            1. Buy and install a Pro License for testing.

            2. Generate a Runtime even though this might cripple some functionality and make it .

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              Stephen Huston

              Kiosk mode can hide the entire menu bar.

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                True, but if the login is not [Full Access] and a limited menu set is used, doesn't that make the Data Viewer and Debugger show a warning to login with correct authentication? I can't test at the moment.


                1. open FM

                2. open Debugger & open Data Viewer

                3. open database with login (not full access) with custom menu (set by trigger of OnFirstWindowOpen?)

                4. what do you see in DV and Debugger? Doesn't it change with the warning?



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                  You can't use the Current tab of the Data Viewer without full access. You can use the Watch tab.


                  Script Debugger can't be used without full access.

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                    right, so if the default menu set doesn't show the Tools menu, then it's not in the menu.


                    The full access, of course does allow changing the menu set, so developers don't even need to trigger the setting, unless by convenience.



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                      Markus Schneider

                      since 'Advanced' is a special version of FileMaker Pro (at exta cost) with exactly that functionality, it makes no sense to 'strip' that functionalty - use 'Pro' instead (-:


                      there migth be some reasons to deactivate that extra functionality, ie two individuals share one machine or one account on one machine, some citrix installations don't differ between Pro and Advance - therefore, an Advanced will be started instead of a  Pro (But that's another problem), etc.


                      if so: 'Kiosk' might be a solution (not ideal, but using an advanced version for non-admin-users is not ideal either)

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                        Yes! this is true. Rick (OP) said that other uses have FMPAdvanced.


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                          I had thought of nothing about "not full access".


                          It would be nice if FMP Advanced can run as normal FMP to simulate users' environment. (This may be what OP want to do)

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                            Markus Schneider

                            from the point of a developer, both versions are identical (besides of the additional functionality of adv) - so, for testing, it's fine


                            we've had citrix environments where the developer account had one adv and users had VLA pro's - the IT was not able to lock the adv for normal users, therefore the first one who logged in had the adv version (adv was single user)..

                            this is solved now, but was really annoying at that time


                            it should be possible to disable the adv features, though (AFAIH internally the versions don't differ) - but I can understand that FM doesn't do the effort for this

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                              A command line switch for Advanced to behave like Pro would be ideal.


                              I like each client to own and host an Advanced license. This so that I can remote in and work from afar as needed. Also as insurance such that I can, for what ever reason, no longer support them. Client is thus ready for any experienced developer to step in. Also, I prefer beta testing on 1 machine - Its convenient to let the user run all day then come in after hours to review error logs, inspect data integrity, make scripting fixes. I have not tried installing both licenses on one machine but should. Regardless, if solution calls for 4 licenses in the end my preference is to sell client 3 Pro and 1 Adv all matching versions. They are generally happy to buy this and feel less beholden to me which actually builds more loyalty. I just don't want to leave a copy of Adv running as is, even with Data Viewer exposed, which only captures user curiosity, etc and no way I will tell client they need an Adv license for the filing cabinet. Since Adv is a very simple superset of Pro it seemed logical there would be a way to toggle that menu so that it behaves like Pro.