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FMS 14 - SSL Certificate Import - Database Server Issues

Question asked by jormond Expert on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by jormond

I am working with a server that starts having issues with the Database Server as soon as I import a SSL cert. I was hoping someone with experience could help verify possible causes, since my experience with SSL certs is limited ( the ones I've done, worked easy with no issues ).


FMS 14.0.3

OS X 10.10 ( Yosemite )

Comodo Cert ( on the list of acceptable certs )


FMS runs as expected with SSL connections turned off, or turned on with the default FMI cert.


Once I import the cert and the key file, I restart the database server. And I get the following behaviors:

  • The database server turns on, but then back off within a couple of minutes. Nothing in the log shows it completed, and no databases are opened.
  • The database server starts to turn on but never completes, no errors in the log that I see.
  • The database server turns on, but when I try to access the general setting, database server settings, etc...I get a small red exclamation point next to the menu option. Connection from FM Pro to the server fails. Webdirect connects, but no databases are available. Also, in the activity tab, no databases show at all.


If I go in and delete the serverCustom.pem and serverKey.pem files and restart the database server, everything go back to normal.


Is this a problem with the cert itself? Possibly a mismatched key file? Any other ideas?  I did not create or send the CSR, so I don't have anything to go on from there...and before I asked to get a new cert, I wanted to make sure there isn't something else I'm missing.