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Summarize recurring fields

Question asked by Powerbook on Sep 28, 2015
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I'm discovering the power of Filemaker, and I started to se if i could do a sum of a recursive field, and store the result in a variable to be used in a report.

I' was able to summarize those fields, but I'm not able to store the result, ore better I do not know how

This is what I would like to accomplish :


“<MyField>” is the field that has different values in Text format (es: aaa, bob, ccc, ddd, eee, ,,,,,,,,,,)

“Total” is the  number field that I would need to summarize for each different “<MyField>”  occurrence.

And then store the single result value tof each one o be use or in layouts or reports.


This is how my table looks like:


<MyField> Total


aaa 10

aaa 3

aaa 12

bbb 12

bbb 7

ccc 4

ccc 10

ccc 6

….. ……


This is what I need to get: (a single line for each Case occurrence)


Case Total

aaa 25

bbb 19

ccc 20


Once I obtained this results, how can I memorize them as variables ?

I would love to be able to store them as multiple global field es:







tin order to use them after in different Layout or reports.


Is ti possible? How can I do that?


Thank you in advance,