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    Question about making proposals in FileMaker


      Hi everyone,


      Quick question.  I made a quotes module in FileMaker, pretty straightforward, lists products etc and all customer info.  Our quotes that we use today have a cover page customized with the customer info, and then the second page is the pricing.


      Page 2 is pretty straightforward as I've done invoice modules in FileMaker before but they all generate to 1 page.  Right now I have a layout that's my "Cover page" layout, same size as a piece of paper and it works awesome, can just browse to that layout and then print it.


      What I'm wondering though is is this the correct way to do something like this?  Basically have multiple layouts each being a quote cover page "template", and then another layout that's a list view which shows the actual line items for pricing etc?  Issue is that I have to print the cover page by itself and then the quote page.  This is easy to get around via scripting but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing the obvious first, like a way on list view to have it print by including a cover page etc  I'm thinking later on I want it to also have collateral etc that someone can click on to have it include.  Other than a script that first prints the cover and then prints the list, is there any better way to do this? Thanks!

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          Hi Ryan  You could create a Title Header in your print layout. The Title Header prints only once at the beginning of the document.  You can make it big enough to fit in a full page and add all your cover page fields. This would give you everything in a single layout and an much simple printing script.
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            That is exactly how I did my quotations module some time ago.  Do a Title header for the cover page, a regular page header to print header information on each page and a body for the line items.  Sub Summary and footers as necessary.  It works pretty good and you can easily set page numbers that are sequential without having to resort to tricks.

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              Thanks everyone that should work!  Only issue is that the footer I have right now is printing on the cover page.  So I made my layout like:


              Title Header - Same size as a piece of paper, moved by original cover page layout here and it works fine

              Header - Has header like column names etc

              Body - Line items

              Footer - Has total for proposal, terms and conditions etc meant for the last page bottom of the proposal


              Issue I have is that the footer appears on the cover page as well and goes over top of it.  Also on the second page showing line items, it only shows the 2nd item even though this particular quote has 2 line items.  When I'm in browse mode it shows those 2 items no problem, but when I print, it does the cover page, with the footer over top of it, then page 2 just shows the one line item vs the 2.  If I remove the title header etc then page 2 prints fine with all line items. 


              I tried changing the footer to Trailing Summary which seemed a bit better, but it still only prints 1 line item even though browse mode shows 2 no problem.  Other issue is the footer appears below the line items and not the bottom of the page which I don't want.

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                Just one thing to add as I might have found a better way to do this.  I used a script with "Append PDF" which lets you use the script to first generate the coverpage as a PDF, and then the records append to it.  The script I have is below and works fine, the only issue is that you have to type the same file name in twice when it pops up to save, first to save the file/cover page and second to select it append records to it.  Is there any way to automate that so that I can use a variable or something to save the filename that way?  If I can save the filename and path entered the first time as a variable, the script could then use that in the append part of the script without dialog.  Does that make sense?


                Freeze Window

                New Window

                Go to Layout - Quote Cover Page

                Save Records as PDF - Restore, current record

                Go to Related Record - Show only related records from table Quote Line Items Using layout Quote Line Items

                Save Records as PDF - Restore, append, records being browsed

                Close Window


                Just a quick edit as I know I was asking about printing originally, but exporting to PDF first is the preferred way vs just printing direct from filemaker.

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                  You must have something set up wrongly to get the results you mentioned. The Title Header prints once per report (the first page) with the footer at the bottom of the page.  The next page should print starting with the header, then the body, and a footer at the bottom of the page.  The subsummary or trailing grand summary should print immediately after the body line items.  Where all of these print depends on how wide you make each section.  Regardless the footer should print at the bottom of every page.  Do not put line items fields in the footer or summary sections, only summary fields.  Play with it and it should work.

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                    That's what I mean, the footer does print at the bottom of every page including the title cover page where it shouldn't be.  How do I set it so that the footer doesn't print on the title header page as my footer is about 2/3rd of a page height and should only ever appear at the bottom of the very last page in the report, not every single page.

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                      That approach will work as well.  I have done this as well in the past when doing multi-table printouts.


                      To specify a filename when printing to pdf do:


                      Set Variable [$filename;  Value: "filewin: " &  Add your file name here, remember to add the .pdf extension]

                      Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$filename"]


                      I may have got some of the syntax wrong, doing it from memory,  but you get the idea, play with it.  There are many examples out there.  In the filename variable you can specify directory, filename, extension, etc.


                      You can then use the same filename to print the second part of the report, specifying the append property.

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                        The footer prints on every page. On the title header page if you do not want the footer to appear include a Title Footer.


                        Do not make you footer so big, you are defeating the purpose of the footer (unless you want it that way for other purposes).  Try to use the subsummary or trailing grand summary instead.

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                          Hi Ryan


                          You can use conditional hiding for the footer objects.


                          If you set them to hide when Get ( PageNumber ) = 1 then you should have your problem solved.


                          In the first page all footer elements won't appear and the will show for next pages.

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                            Thanks adding a title footer fixed that issue.  The problem with summary is that it puts the footer directly under the body text which I don't want.  I want it at the very bottom of the page (our quotes are almost never more than 2 pages long so shouldn't be a huge issue).  Is there a way to make the summary go to the bottom of the page then?  Like if I change it from Footer to Trailing Grand Summary, it works but like I said puts it under the line items so 1/3rd of the page at the bottom is just empty vs spaced out nicely.

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                              Can you post a sample PDF of what you want to achieve?

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                                The only way to put the summary at the bottom of the page is to put it in the footer.  Just put your summary fields in the footer. That should work.  However it will print the subsummary of the body items on that page, or rather the subsummary to date.




                                Best Regards


                                Leo Phillip

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                                  For a client we had to build something similar to what you've described. In that instance, we have multiple layouts from multiple tables, but we build a PDF a layout at a time (sometimes as multiple pages), and continue to append the other layouts to the PDF, so we end up with a single PDF that has everything in order and presented as desired. A bit more work than some options, but they ended up with complete control over the final PDF.





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                                    Thanks everyone I got it working now so this is great.  Just a quick question, when saving as a PDF I want it to pop up the save window which it does.  Is there any way though to prefill in the filename?  So for example, instead of the window opening with "Untitled" or whatever it is, have it use variables so it shows like Account Name - Quote Number.pdf?  I know I can if I save without dialog but I still need users to be able to pick where to save it on their computer.


                                    As a second option, is it possible to have it generate a PDF via script, but then also save that PDF into a container field, basically attaching it to the record?  Or would a user need to upload it after generating it?  Thanks!

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