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Question about making proposals in FileMaker

Question asked by ryanmead83 on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by flukey

Hi everyone,


Quick question.  I made a quotes module in FileMaker, pretty straightforward, lists products etc and all customer info.  Our quotes that we use today have a cover page customized with the customer info, and then the second page is the pricing.


Page 2 is pretty straightforward as I've done invoice modules in FileMaker before but they all generate to 1 page.  Right now I have a layout that's my "Cover page" layout, same size as a piece of paper and it works awesome, can just browse to that layout and then print it.


What I'm wondering though is is this the correct way to do something like this?  Basically have multiple layouts each being a quote cover page "template", and then another layout that's a list view which shows the actual line items for pricing etc?  Issue is that I have to print the cover page by itself and then the quote page.  This is easy to get around via scripting but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing the obvious first, like a way on list view to have it print by including a cover page etc  I'm thinking later on I want it to also have collateral etc that someone can click on to have it include.  Other than a script that first prints the cover and then prints the list, is there any better way to do this? Thanks!