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    Perform Find: Less than column value


      I'm trying to "perform find[]" with the follwing in the field: ≤rel_TimeSlips_Globals_Prebill_Filter_to_MASTER_Slip_Entries__MAIN::ts_PreBillFilter_Date_End, but it won't let me use less-than or equal to with a column name. Is there a way to perform a find in a script with the field set as less than or equal to a field's amount?3.PNG

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          Heed the alert – and use:


          "<=" & rel_TimeSlips_Globals_Prebill_Filter_to_MASTER_Slip_Entries__MAIN::ts_PreBillFilter_Date_End


          While you can enter ≤someValue manually in Find mode, in the calculation engine that is an invalid expression; so you need to pass the operator as a string. Compare with


          SomeTable::gDateBegin & ".." & SomeTable::gDateEnd

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            To be clear: the chosen variant of the less-than-equal operator wasn't the issue here; you can of course use


            "" & rel_TimeSlips_Globals_Prebill_Filter_to_MASTER_Slip_Entries__MAIN::ts_PreBillFilter_Date_End


            I just happen to like to visual appearance of =< and >= – not to mention <=> …

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