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FileMaker 14 Pro Adv slow to launch

Question asked by tgellar on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by tgellar

As has happened in previous versions (12 and 13), it take minutes for the application to launch. This time, though, I'm launching in a Mac running OS 10.10.5.



This happens both when I open the application directly and when I open my FM shortcut file. To be clear, this is NOT a layout, summary or scripting issue. The delay occurs between clicking on the icon and the first window opening. Also, when first installed, there was no delay. It's gotten much worse over time.


It is extremely frustrating and FM keeps saying it must be something in my system interfering with the application. Maybe, but the apps are all business standard programs like Office, Chrome, Skype, Remote Desktop, so its FM that needs to isolate the issues so its performance improves.


Does anyone have any ideas to resolve this?