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capture variable parameter in web viewer / FMP URL

Question asked by KenDeFilipps on Sep 29, 2015
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FMP 14

I have a web viewer in which there is a java script variable called msg which contains a string of text.  I can get this variable to print to the web viewer page by doing this:

In the body of the JS:


function log(msg) {

          document.getElementById('msg').innerHTML += msg;



Then in the body of the web viewer, doing this prints the variable contents to the screen in web viewer:

<div id=\"msg\"></div>


However, when I try to pass this variable to a script within the local FMP DB, the script fires, but the variable parameter is empty.


The script I am firing simply does the following script steps:

Go to Layout [ “Resource” (Resource) ]

Set Variable [ $SearchParam; Value:Get(ScriptParameter) ]

Set Field [ Resource::RawString ; $SearchParam ]


The FMP URL I am using in the web viewer currently is this,however I have tried many variations of the "param=" with no success.

<div><a href=\"FMP://$/MyFmpDBV34?script=isolatemarkers&param=\"+ msg+\"\">Isolate</a></div> 


What on earth am I doing wrong here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.