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    Popover buttons will not pop over an interactive container on Windows


      I've found an issue with FileMaker 14 on Windows whereby a popover button will not pop over a container field that is set to be optimised for interactive content.  It works as expected on a Mac.  The attached file demonstrates the issue.  To reproduce:


      1. Using a Windows PC, create a new file & create a container field.
      2. Add the container field to a layout & set it to be optimised for interactive content.
      3. Add a popover button above the container field & set the popover to drop down underneath the button.
      4. Ensure that in layout mode the popover extends below the top of the container field.
      5. Enter Browse Mode & click into the popover button
      6. The popover is truncated at the point it overlaps the container field.


      Best regards