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    [ANN] $500 off the DESIGN Masterclass. Until 10/10


      It's the class you can bill for!


      Join us for the DESIGN Masterclass—Inspired Design at Inspiring Places.

      "The best class I ever took!" —Dr. Florence Haseltine, National Institutes of Health. DESIGNmsasterclass.co/quotes

      Think of the DESIGN masterclass as a sabbatical and and advanced degree, all in one. Take your app to places you never imagined, and bill your client for the work you do. And now, for one week only, get $500 off the masterclass tuition. Choose your Inspiring Place:


      Autumn in New York: Waterfront in the Hamptons

      Down Under Over New Year's: in an historic amusement park in Melbourne, Australia

      Pyramids on the Beach: Ancient Mayan Ruins on the Caribbean, Tulum, Mexico

      Moon Over Miami: Under the full moon in a jungle setting

      KINETIC: by Railroad Park, Birmingham, Alabama (2-day class)

      Overlooking Silicon Valley: Historic Hakone Gardens, near FileMaker Inc.


      Admission is by interview only. You must have a solution or an app of professional quality, to work on during the masterclass. This will be your "master piece," the work that you will advance over the four days of the class. For more information, and to redeem your $500 off, visit:




      Thanks! See you at the class!