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    Editable text


      I have a solution that contains a portal. Below it are instructions that were placed using the Text tool.  The instructions contain a URL. Is it possible to make this text selectable (to copy) without creating it as a global?

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          You can write a script that places it in the copy buffer. But if you want to have the user copy the URL to open it in a web browser, you can just use the Open URL script step and do it directly without messing with the copy buffer at all.

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            Mike Duncan

            You could put it in a web viewer and wrap it with a data URL and some minimal html. Something like the following...


            "data:text/html," & "<html><head><style>*{ font-family: verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; }</style></head><body>"

            & "YOUR TEXT HERE" &


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              Is the URL static, or is it subject to change? And, if changeable, who does the changing?


              If it's static, use Mike Mitchell's solution.


              If it's changeable, but you're the one who does the changing, still use that solution (only make a note to yourself that you have to make the change in 2 different places).


              If it's changeable, but the client does the changing, have a separate text-box field ("URL") that the client can type in, display the contents of that field as a merge field in your instructions, and still use Mike's solution, extracting the target web address from the "URL" field.


              PS: I feel kind of honored that I seem to be a temporary honorary member of the Mike Club.

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                Thanks for the help. Right now I am trying Mike Duncan's solution. Looks like this will work. I'll let you know

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                  The web viewer suggestion worked great!