Creating Multiple Records automatically and populating fields based on a value list

Discussion created by skashanchi on Sep 30, 2015
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I am needing to write a script that would automatically create a number of records and populate certain field in each of these records based on a value list that I am creating elsewhere.


So here is the scenario:


We need to create a schedule each day that assigns all the vehicles in our fleet to a driver for that day. I have a table for Drivers and a table for Vehicles and a 3rd table called VehicleAssignment.


So every day we need to create several records, one for each vehicle.

Each of these records will have:

AssignmentDate (which should be today's date)

Vehicle # (should be populated automatically based on a value list)

StartTime (entered manually)

EndTime (entered manually)

Driver# (entered manually)


I already have value lists that are populated by the Vehicle #'s and Driver #'s. So Every day I would like to create as many records as there are in the Vehicle# list, and populate the date field and the Vehicle# fields in each record, such that we have a record for each of the vehicles. So we are basically creating what looks like a spreadsheet when seen in list view and then the fleet manager will go through and assign all the appropriate data.


So if I have 3 vehicles, numbers 01, 02, and 03 I would like to be able to press a button and see:


Date                    Vehicle #      Driver #      Shift Start     Shift End

Today's Date          01

Today's Date          02

Today's Date          03


So it's pretty simple (for now). What I have no idea how to do:


1. Refer to a value list and determine how many items are in the value list to determine the number of records that need to be created

2. Insert the data from the value list into the Vehicle# field, stepping through each item in the list.


I am assuming this is pretty simple, but have never done anything like it before. Any help is appreciated.