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    Or Syntax


      My following condition isn't testing like a thought it would:


      MASTER_Slip_Entries::k_PrebillApprovalStatus  ≠ "Approved"  or "Ready" or "Invoiced"


      When the field equals "Approved", the function doesn't calculate the way it should. Could anyone identify my error in this above syntax?

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          The following syntax didn't seem to work either: "MASTER_Slip_Entries::k_PrebillApprovalStatus ≠ "Approved" or MASTER_Slip_Entries::k_PrebillApprovalStatus ≠ "Ready" or MASTER_Slip_Entries::k_PrebillApprovalStatus ≠ "Invoiced""

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            I was getting the error cause of a logic break on my part. If status="ready", then (if status != "ready" or "approved") would still trigger when status="ready" because "ready" isn't "approved".

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              Those Or statements always get me, so I've started putting the conditions in a Let statement. Since ORs mean 'any one thing could be true' , I put that into a case statement. Something like this:


              Let ( [

              _Trigger = Case (

              MASTER_Slip_Entries::k_PrebillApprovalStatus  ≠ "Approved" ; 1;

              MASTER_Slip_Entries::k_PrebillApprovalStatus  ≠ "Ready" ; 1;

              MASTER_Slip_Entries::k_PrebillApprovalStatus  ≠ "Invoiced" ; 1; "") ] ;

              If (_Trigger = 1; <<do something>>>



              Case statements stop after the first true statement, so it goes through the list and the first one it finds, it sets the variable to 1 and then the IF statement does something.

              If this were in a script step, I'd set the $Trigger variable to the Case calc, then use that $Trigger in a IF script step.

              This is how I manage OR statements.