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    give back oldest date




      I have 2 tables, clients and rdv


      I use a layout based on clients, where a portal shows me all the rdv (meetings) for this client.


      I would like to create a kind of reminder, so I see, and I can make FM show me, when the next meeting should be planed. (+6 months)


      How can this be done? I need FM to set the field clients_nextmeeting to rdv_date + 186. This works if I have 1 meeting, but how to tell FM to take the latest date of all meetings and to add 6 month? Has anyone an idea on how to proceed?



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          Yup. Set up your portal so it's sorted chronologically in descending order. Do this by double-clicking on the box between Clients and RDV in the Relationships diagram and then specifying the sort order for the RDV side of the relationship:






          The topmost date in your portal will then be the most recent meeting.


          Within your Clients table, create the Calculation field "Next Meeting" (type Date), = CDV::Date + 186. It will use the topmost "Date" value from your portal. Display "Next Meeting" wherever you want on your Clients screen, but probably somewhere near the CDV portal.

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            No need to sort anything; use


            Min ( CDV::Date )


            to get the oldest related date.


            If you want to go ahead 6 months, rather than the arbitrary amount of 186 days:


            Let (

            o = Min ( CDV::Date ) ;

            Date ( Month ( o ) + 6 ; Day ( o ) ; Year ( o ) )