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    Saving Expiry Date & Retest Date Into Excel

      I have a tables which I called Dashboard Table; Materials Table and I have a related table Which I called Expiring Next Month & Retest Next Month.


      I want to save all my Expiring Materials for the Next Month and Retest Materials for the Next Month in one Excel sheet.


      Please find attached file that Im working.


      Thank you so much.

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          Thank you for your post.


          See if these steps give you the results you are expecting:

          1. Navigate to your Dashboard Layout (using Dashboard Table -related to every other table in your solution)

          2. File > Export Records > (name file, specify where you’d like it to save, and verify Type is set to Excel Workbook, click save)

          3. Specify Excel Information if you’d like and Continue…

          4. Change Current Layout (“Dashboard”) drop down on the top left to “Expiring Next Month”

          5. Select and Move the fields you’d like to display in the Excel Spreadsheet

          6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for “Retest Next Month”

          -This should output Excel File with the Fields filled with Related Data from each table.

          -Fields will all show horizontally and on the same Sheet.


          For more information on Exporting Records click here.


          I hope this information is of use!



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