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Need to make text appear related to different calculations

Question asked by animal592 on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by animal592

Part of our database creates invoices that we submit for vendor payment. For identification purposes, we've always needed to include the vendor's tax ID number (ssn or business ID number). Now, for security purposes, we've been asked to only show part of the number.


My goal is to only show the last 4 digits for a SSN or the last 6 for a business ID. I was able to re-purpose part of a calculation that pulls out just those digits based on which form of ID we have on record. I'm using the following calculation currently:



not IsEmpty ( Tab Name::SSN) ;  Right ( Tab Name::SSN; 4) ;

  not IsEmpty ( Tab Name::Tax_ID_Number) ; Right ( Tab Name::Tax_ID_Number; 6 ) ; "" )


My problem is I would like to precede these numbers with placeholders (xxx-xx- for the SSN or xx-x for business ID) so we can tell at a glance on the invoice what kind of number we have on file. Is that possible with this format, or do I need to perform the calculation differently? If it matters, and it probably does, we're still on FMP 8. Yeah, we're very old school here.