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Plug-in update installation

Question asked by psijmons on Oct 1, 2015

Before I file this as a bug report, I would like to know if others experience similar effects when using the function Get ( InstalledFMPlugins ).


The focus is at a record with a plugin in a container field.

From the screenshot you can see how the FMP calc engine makes sure it extracts correct version number info, no matter how the version is coded in the plugin. Note that these variables are declared by FMP, not by me in a script.


But I use the variables to determine when a new version must be installed. I suspect that when there is even the slightest delay getting these number out of the user/AppData/...   folder, FMP decides the plugin is not there and continues a fresh upload.


When I build in a trap to see the variables in a ShowDialog step, I can see them when I use the debugger to go through it step by step, but when I just let it run, then ShowDialog, there are no variables. This would explain that the plugins are installing at each pass.


I am now circumventing this by just writing out the steps and declare all vars in a subscript, but that is not an elegant solution.

So, the question remains: are other developers seeing this effect?