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Struggling with relationships

Question asked by MauriceG on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by siplus

Hello All,


Following today's announcement regarding where questions should be posted so that everybody can see them, I'm reposting the following.


My limited knowledge of FM can only take me so far and I've now reached that point on one issue.


I am using FM 14. I have four tables in my Library DB: Books, FuturePurchases, Authors and BooksAuthors (join table between Books and Authors). And I am using an Authors value list. Right now, I have the following relationships:

Books:IDBook →BooksAuthors:IDBookFK



This works well and allows me to display in my books layout all books from the same author and all authors of a same book.


I want to also have access to the Authors table from a portal in my FuturePurchases layout. I’ve tried several different relationships between the FuturePurchases table and the BookAuthors and the Authors tables but I can’t manage to make it work. Sure, I can access the Authors list from the FuturePurchases layout portal but there is always something that goes wrong, for instance replacing or recording the name of an author in the FuturePurchases layout portal leads to the replacement of some authors names in the Books layout portal. In other words, I can’t manage to make the Author portal in the Books layout and the Author portal in the FuturePurchases layout to work independently. I suspect the issue is wrong relationships. What exactly should be the relationships between the FuturePurchases table and the BookAuthors and the Authors tables?


Also is it ok to use the same value list in both the authors field in the Books layout portal and in the authors field in my FuturePurchases layout portal? Or should other settings be changed?


Thanks for your help