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Getting Unique Contact out of Appointments

Question asked by danjamins on Sep 30, 2015
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Hi All,


I have a database where I have a lead record (contact or person record) which is related to an appointments table where the different appointments are stored for each lead.


Basically, 1 lead can have multiple appointments. I need to run a report based off of the appointments table, and see how many total appointments I have and then also see how many unique people are in there.


It can't be based off the leads table or else this would be really easy - it has to be based off the appointments table because it needs other information that the leads table can't access directly.


So if I have 6 appointments with 1 person and 6 appointments with another person, I need to see the table below:


Sales RepTotal Appointments by Sales RepTotal Unique Leads by Sales Rep
Sales Rep 161
Sales Rep 261
Company Total:122


Does anyone have any hints on how I can build a calculation in the appointments table to see how many unique Lead ID's there are in a found set of appointments?


Thanks in advance,




To clarify any misunderstanding on the objective -


This is a sales report by sales rep. The sub-summary is breaking down the total number of appointments the sales rep went out on, and then I want to see how many of those appointments were a unique person and not just 5 appointments for 1 person.


So a sales rep could go out to 50 different appointment records, but the actually unique people he went to see could be 10. I need to know that. Using another sub-summary part that sorts by the lead will not work as I do not need the lead information I just need the count.


Sorry my first post wasn't clear, I didn't think of it from that angle which might have confused you.