FileMaker Go Value Lists Issue

Discussion created by databuzz on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal

Using FileMaker Go 14.0.3 on iOS 9.0.2, if you have a field on a layout that uses either a Pop-up menu or Drop-down list with a longer list that can fit on the screen (i.e. requires scrolling up/down to get the the top/bottom of the list) there's an issue with attempting to select the last item on the list.


I have a Pop-up menu with the "allow entry of other values selected" and we're unable to select the "Other" option at the bottom of the list as it remains off the screen. If you look at the 2 screenshots the first one shows the Pop-up menu when you scroll to the bottom of the list and you can see the "Other..." option. However when you stop scrolling and let go it reverts to the 2nd screenshot which shows the 2nd last menu item and doesn't show the "Other..." option.


There's a similar issue if you use a Drop-down list - you won't see the last item in the list if the list is large enough to require scrolling.


This wasn't an issue with FileMaker Go 14.0.2 as far as we can recall.