Using 24 Hour time format without any separators

Discussion created by skashanchi on Sep 30, 2015
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In the solution that I am working on we use a lot of time fields to enter time of an event, and the company using the solution uses a strict 24 hour format entry for all their times in hhmm format. They do not want to use any form of separators between the hour and minute sections of the times entered, i.e. they want to be able to simply enter 1300 instead of 13:00.


It seems that filemaker is not allowing this. If I enter 1300 that is not seen as 1:00 PM, but rather as 1,300 units of hours. And if I use data entry validation and choose time of day, then it strictly requires the : as  a separator.




1. How do I make sure that FileMaker is seeing this data as time of day and not duration in hours and minutes?

2. How can I avoid having to enter the separators?


Do I need to employ a data entry mask to convert 1300 into 13:00 or is there another way?



Thank you.